Introduction to Filmmaking

A six-week introductory course to making a short film, from script to screen.

Using case study scripts, practical exercises and demonstrations, the programme will explore how the elements of production come together to produce the script through principal photography.

Programme Overview

Week One: Writing

What is a screenplay? Story-structure fundamentals. Writing Visually. The elements of the screenplay format. How script development works. When do we know we have a final draft. Setting deadlines as a valuable screenwriting tool.

Week Two: Producing

What does a Film Producer do? How budgeting works, and what to do to keep it low. What the Producer needs from the other departments. Exercises in the script breakdown process and budgeting.

Week Three: Directing

The role of the Director. Approaching the screenplay. Developing a director’s vision and treatment. How a Director prepares their pre-production phase: storyboards and pre-visualisation and shot planning. The Director working on set.

Week Four: Collaborating with key crew

The Director Of Photography, Production Designer, Sound Recordist and Sound Mixer and Visual Effects Artist. Their roles, and what they need and how to communicate effectively with them.

Week Five: How to prepare for production

The First Assistant Director and Script Supervisor. Script Breakdown, Scheduling, Project Management. How to work effectively on set, to maximise your shooting schedule. Who does what, and how it works.

Week Six: Post-production - workflows and best practices for picture and sound

Knowing how to budget and manage Post-production. Making the most of contemporary software applications. Doing It Yourself versus working with specialists in sound and picture finishing.

Programme Facts

6 weeks – Part-time

Every Tuesday from 6:30- 9:30 pm

10th of Mar 2020, 9th Jun 2020


Limited places available

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