Student Support


Student experience and wellness staff provide a professional, confidential, and free service to all Central Film School Students. We provide integrated service, which makes sure that the support and advice given to students is appropriate and relevant, equipping and enabling them to succeed.​

The Student Experience and Wellness Team

The Student Experience and Wellness Team at Central Film School provide a number of services, including:

  • One to One Wellness Support
  • Wellness Advice
  • Disability Support
  • Student Experience Events
  • Talks from Industry Experts
  • Immigration Advice
  • Pastoral Care

Meet the Team

Jayesha Fernando
Head of Quality and Student Experience


Tom Mellors
Student Engagement and Careers Officer


Samantha Odinga
Wellness Officer

Visit our Wellness page to find our more:

Immigration Advice and Information

Are you an International Student, looking for immigration advice?

Would you like information on your post study work options?

If so, you can arrange a one to one appointment with Jayesha, our Head of Quality and Student Experience.



Student Council

The Student Council acts as a voice for the student body. Its purpose is to engage with the School on issues relating to the student experience, access participation and provision and delivery at the School. Student Reps are elected by their cohorts and help coordinate events and ‘campus life’ opportunities for the school. They act as advocates on issues of student concern and communicate those issues to school staff.

Access and Participation Plan

The Access and Participation Plan outlines the steps that Central Film School will take to widen access and increase participation from key sections of the community.

Equality and Diversity

Central Film School welcomes students from across the UK and from around the world. Diversity is important to us as it enriches our student voice and productions. This policy outlines how we support student diversity and differences.


Central Film School is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors. The safeguarding policy provides full The designated Safeguarding Persons at Central film school is Wellness Officer.