Preparing for Interview

Interview stage

If you pass all of the initial admissions assessments, you will be invited to a virtual interview either on Zoom, Google or Skype. Interview slots will last for around 30 minutes, and are conducted by a Senior member of staff at the school. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions towards the end of the interview, so be sure to prepare them before it starts. 

Preparing for your interview

This is your big chance to impress us, to tell us why we should choose you and what your career aspirations are. Preparation is key here, and our interviewers are experienced enough to know when an applicant hasn’t prepared properly.

Make sure that you: 

  • Thoroughly research your course
  • Be clear on why you want to study your course
  • Know how your course will help you in your future career
  • Research the industry - do you know what to expect as a film school graduate?

Do you know what jobs are out there? Most film school graduates don’t go straight to Hollywood! Our interviewers want to know that you are prepared for the challenges you face on the course AND as a graduate that wants to build their career in one of the most competitive industries on the planet.


Have a look at our UK entry requirements to see what grades you will need to apply with for our courses.

Have a look at our international entry requirements to see what qualifications will be accepted from your country.


Check out our frequently asked questions to support you in your application.

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