CFS Policies

Policies, Procedures and Quality Assurance

This page sets out all policy, procedure and quality assurance processes that govern CFS and the students that apply to, and enrol on, our programmes. Students wishing to apply to any of CFS’ programmes should familiarise with all of the rules and regulations, paying particular attention to those outlined below.

Students applying to any of our 2-year BA courses should pay particular attention to the CFS Procedures for Assessment, Reassessment & Progression, and the Enrolment & Registration Policy. These documents outline how progression, reassessment and registration works on our fast-track programmes (and all programmes), as the structure of these courses requires specific rules for our students, which may differ from those at other education providers.

All prospective students should familiarise themselves with our Terms and Conditions, paying particular attention to the terms regarding deposits, refunds and the 14-day ‘Cooling Off’ period. The CFS Tuition Fee Policy outlines the processes CFS follows on all matters related to the payment of deposits, fees and our approach to students who find themselves in financial difficulties.

Our Academic Appeals Policy sets out how we process appeals against academic decisions. Our Student Complaints Policy outlines the process for handling student complaints. Both of these policies are aligned with the Office of the Independent Adjudicator’s Good Practice Framework.

The CFS Consumer Protection Compliance Policy has been drafted with strong reference to the Competition and Markets Authority’s advice for HE providers on consumer protection law.

Our Institutional Strategy outlines our mission, vision and core values. It also underpins all of our policies, procedures and processes.  

CFS Institutional Strategy 



CFS Academic Framework

CFS Academic Regulations

CFS Procedures for Assessment, Reassessment & Progression (2-Year BA Programmes Only)

CFS Academic Appeals Policy

CFS Academic Freedom Policy

CFS Accreditation of Prior Learning Policy

CFS Teaching & Learning Strategy

CFS Academic Integrity Policy

CFS Academic Misconduct Procedure

CFS Marking and Moderation Policy 

CFS External Examining Policy

CFS Board of Examiners Terms of Reference

Access, Participation and Attainment

CFS Access and Participation Plan


CFS Admissions Policy

CFS Admissions Appeals and Complaints Procedure

CFS Selection Criteria

CFS Student Contracts


Access and Participation Committee Terms of Reference

Audit Committee Terms of Reference

Board of Directors Terms of Reference

Consolidated Enhancement Plan

Student Council Terms of Reference

Operations & Resources Committee Terms of Reference

Quality Assurance & Academic Committee Terms of Reference

Student Experience Committee Terms of Reference


Equality and Diversity

CFS Equality and Diversity Policy

CFS Hardship Fund Policy


CFS Tuition Fee Policy

Short Course Tuition Fee Policy

Debt Collection Fee Policy

Financial Regulations Policy


CFS Academic Freedom Policy

CFS Consumer Protection Compliance Policy

CFS Data Protection

CFS External Speaker Policy

CFS Freedom of Speech Policy

CFS IT and Social Media Policy

CFS Respect and Consideration Statement

IHRA Definition Adoption

Student Experience

CFS Student Engagement Policy and Attendance Procedure 

CFS Enrolment and Registration Policy

CFS Supported Studies Procedure

CFS Personal Tutor Policy 

CFS Respect and Consideration Statement

CFS Student Complaints Policy

CFS Student Protection Plan

CFS Safeguarding Policy

CFS Non-Academic Student Disciplinary Procedures

CFS Mitigating Circumstances Policy

Terms and Conditions

CFS Terms and Conditions

Validating Partner Specific

Validating Partner Key Regulations

QAA Review

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