Foundation Year

Three Year Undergraduate Degrees inclusive of Foundation Year

Students can complete a foundation year and an undergraduate degree at Central Film School, in a total of three years. The foundation year teaches the fundamentals of film and screenwriting, and is followed by our two-year structure degree. This allows students to gain a degree, which includes the foundation year, in three years instead of four.

Three Year Undergraduate Degrees with Integrated Foundation Year

Central Film School has three Undergraduate Degrees with an integrated foundation year, these can be completed within three calendar years

This programme will allow you to find your own specialism and voice as a filmmaker, as you learn and practice a range of skills essential to the film industry.


As you learn to write for a range of platforms, this programme will focus and develop your creative voice and writing style as a screenwriter.

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This programme will develop your creative and performance skills allowing you to develop your confidence as an actor for screen.

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