Wellbeing at Central Film School

‘Wellbeing’ describes how ‘well’ you feel physically and mentally, how well connected to other people you are, and how purposeful you feel. It is not about feeling happy all the time but more about how able you feel to cope with your life as it is now, with change and with stressful situations. If these things feel in balance you have a sense of ‘wellbeing’.

We are here to support all students whose personal circumstances are affecting their sense of wellbeing and /or their studies. Our service is professional and free. If necessary, we can also advise you on where to find specialist support or assistance. 

CFS has a Student Experience Hub via Google Classroom, for all Central Film School Students and Staff. The Wellbeing section is a great way to keep students engaged and informed on all aspects of wellbeing.

Student Counselling Service

If you are experiencing difficulties and you would like to speak to someone professional, you may be able to arrange an appointment with our student counsellor. This service is short term, one-to-one and confidential. 

  • Counselling is a form of therapy whereby you are encouraged to talk about your problems and emotions. In the sessions, the counsellor will not advise you what to do but will listen to you and will help you to find ways of coping with your feelings. Counselling can help you deal with a number of problems and struggles that you might face such as troubling life events, physical or mental health conditions, stress or other difficult emotions.

  • In the sessions you will be encouraged to explore the problems you are having and find ways to gain a better understanding of your feelings and actions and help you to find your own solutions to problems, developing the ability to cope with difficulties you may be experiencing. In addition, counselling will help you find your own resources and support you will need to cope with difficulties that you might face in the future.

To request an appointment please complete and submit the form in the Student Counselling Section of the Student Experience Hub where you will also find more information about counselling and counsellors.

Other Sources of Support