Central Film School

A Practical Education in Filmmaking

Central Film School offers students a practical education in fictional narrative and documentary filmmaking. We aim to give independent voices the skills and knowledge needed to tell their stories through film. We train aspiring filmmakers, actors and screenwriters to work in the industry as soon as they graduate, both in the UK and internationally.

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Founded in 2008, Central Film School has provided students from all over the world with the fundamental skills needed to become professionals in the film & TV industry.

Through our BA (Hons), MA and Short Courses, we give students a grounding in all aspects of filmmaking, screenwriting and acting, including both fiction and factual disciplines. Our approach is practical, aided by our small class sizes, student-centred approach to teaching & learning, ethos and community atmosphere. The school constantly develops its programmes, equipment and methods to ensure students are familiar with the most up-to-date industry practices.

Our Values

Our commitment to you

Central Film School commits to providing our students:

Fully Accredited Programmes

Undergraduate and postgraduate programmes at Central Film School are validated and recognised internationally – you can find our undergraduate degrees listed on UCAS. The School has a current Tier 4 license which allows for the recruitment of students from all over the world to study on its academic programmes. The School is also a member of Independent HE.

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Industry connections, partners and alumni connections give you excellent access to industry networks

Central Film School has relationships with many major companies in the UK and international film and creative sectors.