Industry Links


Insight from the Film Industry

We are committed to providing our students every opportunity possible to speak directly with filmmakers of all kinds to learn about their journeys to becoming successful professionals in their chosen field.

Professional Perspectives

We organise a series of events throughout the year where screen professionals tell their stories. In these sessions, a Guest Speaker is invited into the school to speak about their career and experience in the industry.

The Professional Perspectives series has recently welcomed guests such as:

Jason Flemyng – Actor: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Boiling Point, Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

Matt Jones – TV Screenwriter & Producer: Doctor Who, Shameless, Skins, Lucky Man

Lucy Pardee – Casting Director: Aftersun, Rocks, American Honey, Dirty God

Tim Haines – TV Drama and Documentary Maker: Walking with Dinosaurs, Primeval, The Loch

Richard Hewitt: Film Producer: Bohemian Rhapsody, The Theory of Everything, Never Let Me Go, The Aeronauts

Life Skills Sessions

These sessions focus on enhancing your practical skills for both in and outside of the filmmaking world. Here you can pick up tips on things like:

  • Finding freelance work in the screen industry
  • Getting to grips with the film festival circuit
  • Keeping an environmentally friendly and sustainable film set

Central Film
Productions Ltd.


In 2018 Central Film School formed Central Film Productions Ltd. This company was founded with the mission to provide a first-step production house and professional mentorship for student and alumni projects. It offers an avenue for student projects to be brought to the professional world with the guidance of our film-professional staff. Projects completed or underway include narrative features, documentary and corporate films.

Partners in Industry


Central Film School has relationships with many major companies in the UK and international film industry. In addition to meeting industry professionals on a daily basis, students at the School are part of a wider network, connected to the Curzon Cinema chain and a range of production funds.

The school focuses on training students in fiction-based filmmaking, but we also recognise the need for our students to engage with social, cultural, economic and political issues. We are very proud of our connection with the Bertha Foundation, which leads the way in supporting new voices in filmmaking through it’s philanthropic work.

Industry Advisory Board

The school’s advisory board consists of a group of industry professionals with years of experience. It provides advice to the school’s management with regards to new development and trends in the film industry. This enables the school to develop an up-to-date curriculum, which provides our students with the necessary skills to work in a constantly-changing industry.

Members of our advisory board include:

Colin Burrows

A producer who brings a wide range of experience and is best known for his work on Skyfall (2012), About Time (2013) and Blitz (2011).

Nino Lietner

Austria-based cinematographer and ambassador for G-Technology. A prominent blogger and camera specialist, who advises generally on the latest cameras and workflow.

Philip Ilson

Director of the London Short Film Festival and programmer of short films for the BFI London Film Festival. Philip advises the school on the latest trends in short filmmaking, festivals and distribution.

Zeitgeist Films

A very successful production company with British and international film productions. Their latest feature, Orthodox, has been on UK theatrical release.