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Tuition Fees for all Undergraduate Degree Programmes

Below you will find the Tuition Fees for our degree programmes, as well as additional information and useful links.

BA Degrees 2021

For students eligible for the Tuition Fee Loan, Central Film School has committed to charging fees at a level no higher than the maximum regulated fee rates set by the UK Government which is £10,800 per year for accelerated degrees. 

BA (Hons) Degrees

UK Nationals and EU, EEA or Swiss National with Settled Status

£10,800 per year

You may be eligible for a Tuition Fee Loan, up to the full cost of the degree.

International students, including EU, EEA or Swiss Nationals without Settled Status 

£20,750 per year

You will be expected to pay a £1,000 deposit to secure your place on the degree.  The first year Tuition Fee must be paid in full prior to a CAS being issued.

Additional Information for BA Degrees 2021

  • The undergraduate degrees for UK Nationals/EU Nationals with Settled Status are charged just below the current maximum allowed fee for accelerated degrees of £10,800. There will be no increase for continuing students if the maximum rate continues at this level. We will only consider an increase to the fee rate for new and continuing students if the Government increases the maximum variable fee rate.
  • An increase in tuition fees for continuing students would only be considered if there is an increased cost associated with delivering the degree in year 2.
  • The rules on Student Support funding for EU, EEA and Swiss nationals starting programmes from the 1st of January 2021 are changing. This means that EU, EEA and Swiss Nationals may be required to pay a higher rate of fee and/or may not be eligible for Student Support, such as Student Finance England tuition fee loans and maintenance loans.
  • EU Nationals and International Students are expected to pay a £1,000 deposit by the 27th of May in order to secure their place on the degree.
  • For EU Nationals and International Students, the first £300 of any deposit or tuition fees paid is non-refundable. 
Fees & Funding

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