New Partner Reference

A reference has been requested by a partner/agent you work with​.

Agent/Partner reference form

You have been selected as a reference by a agent/partner you work with. Please complete the form below detailing your working relationship with the agent/partner to date. If you would prefer not to submit a reference for this agent/partner please email or the agent directly so that they provide us with a new reference.

  • Please include your preferred contact email should we have further questions.
  • Please insert the name of your company/organisation/school you are from.
  • Please insert the name of the agent and agency you are supplying a reference for.
  • Please insert the date you began working with this agent/partner.
  • If "Yes", please include further details on the issues encountered and if "No" please write n/a.
  • An opportunity to include any further information about your working relationship, with this partner, that you believe would be pertinent to us making a decision.