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Visual Portfolio

Visual Portfolio

We are looking for people who are passionate about filmmaking and storytelling.

If you have technical ability, demonstrate this through your showreel,or a scriptwriter, through your writing, but most importantly, we want to get an idea of your voice.


Where appropriate, give us some context for your showreel and other aspects of portfolio, outlining why your submitted these particular pieces.

  • How do they demonstrate your ability and interests?
  • What did you learn from the process?

You can tell us this in a separate statement or include it in your personal statement, but be sure to highlight why this is the best of your work and a true representation of you.

Visual Showreel requirements:

  • No longer that 10 minutes (no less than 5)
  • It should be one piece, uploaded to vimeo/youtube or similar
  • We are looking for storytellers at Central Film School, so try to demonstrate understanding of narrative and characterisation.


  • Examples of writing, creative writing, short stories or screenplays
  • Maximum 3 pieces