‘Maryam’ was written and directed by Roshna Qorbanee, one of our MA Filmmaking alumni.

I was tempted to step into filmmaking because of my visual art background. I found my working behind the camera, in the capacity of an Art Director, Production Designer and Make-Up Artist, a very useful and encouraging tool to help with filmmaking. I have an undergraduate degree (BA) in Sculpting, and another in Make-Up Artistry. I am currently studying for an MA degree in Filmmaking at Central Film School, where I have the opportunity to express my thoughts, as a woman, and tell other women’s stories via films, by combining my visual skills with the new academic and practical education I am getting. 

The course is greatly assisting me in directing myself and others on set, allowing me the opportunity to learn and practice more and helping me to efficiently research and evaluate my work and others’.

My production of a short film “Maryam” 2020 is my pride.

We wish Roshna continued success on the Film Festival circuit and in her career as a Writer and Director. You can find our more about Writer and Director, Roshna Qorbanee by following her Instagram: @Roshna_Qorbanee 

Roshna Qorbanee