Will my grades be accepted this year?

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The easiest way for us to answer this question is for us to say ‘Yes’, we will accept all Level 3 qualifications in the UK and the equivalent of these qualifications worldwide. We understand that there is a lot of uncertainty regarding how grades will be calculated this year, and there is official guidance for those awaiting grades in the UK here 

At Central Film School, we will accept the grades you are awarded by the recognised awarding body/exam board and there will be no further entrance exams or tests. Our admissions decisions are based on the grades awarded as well as your portfolio and an interview where you discuss your portfolio and creative inspiration. We want to reassure you that you will not be disadvantaged by the changes that are happening to the way that grades are being decided.  

If you were going to sit an English Language qualification and can no longer do so then we can arrange for an internal assessment for you, or you can sit a recognised online English Language test, including the IELTS Indicator.