Tips for Writing Your Personal Statement

Writing your personal statement 

Writing a personal statement can be daunting but don’t worry here’s a breakdown of things you can write about. 

  • Talk about things you’ve taken part in related to the subject
  • Why you want to take the course 
  • How you think the course will benefit you 
  • Anything else you’ve done that you’re proud of, like other hobbies and interests 
  • Your plans for the future 


To make things easier, maybe try splitting it into sections:


Introduce yourself. Who are you? What is it you want to study? 

Main body

What makes you right for the course and why do you want to take it? 


What are your future plans?

It will most likely take several drafts to write it so try not to rush and don’t worry, just be passionate about what you’re talking about. 

How can you show your passion? 

  • Add a quote that inspires you or relates to what you’re writing
  • Don’t lose sight of the point of the statement. 

Personal experience 

Writing a personal statement took me a while, and required a lot of drafts. Another great way to struture your personal statement is to break it down into sections and write it like a timeline of events. 

  1. Any previous experience in my chosen field
  2. How my current classes linked to my chosen course 
  3. Activities I’ve done outside of school that show academic achievement
  4. Other activities/hobbies/skills that may be less unrelated
  5. How the course will help me in the future
Courtney | BA Screenwriting