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Central Film School's outreach programme works with partner schools, colleges and community groups to offer access to workshops and experience days that will help enhance, inspire and champion local and independent voices into the screen industries.

Partner with us

Our wider academic community and outreach team are excited to provide partners with a range of workshops, masterclasses and activities to suit the needs of their students’ learning and access to higher education. Below we have just a few examples of what we can offer here at central film school. For our full menu of services contact outreach@centralfilmschool.com.

At your campus 

  • Representation at Higher education fairs
  • Parents Evenings
  • Workshops in Acting, Filmmaking and screenwriting. 

Visit us

  • Introduction to Motion Capture
  • Coverage for the Perfect Edit
  • Experience days
  • Campus tours 


  • Preparing your personal statement 
  • Visual Portfolio support workshop
  • Introduction to the screen industries and career opportunities

We are committed to providing our students every opportunity possible to speak directly with filmmakers of all kinds to learn about their journeys to becoming successful professionals in their chosen field.

Central Film School provides students with all the facilities and equipment they’ll need on their learning journey. Depending on the needs of specific shoots and programme modules, students will also have access to off-site facilities and spaces.

Financial Support

There are a range of Scholarships available, please visit our Scholarships page for more information. 

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