Summer Term Screening

In May we hosted our Summer Term Screening where our students got to showcase some of their own remarkable work on the big screen! The event consisted of ten short films, which completely varied from one another, but each featured great merit and unique, impactful storytelling. Comedies, dramas, thrillers and insightful documentaries were all shown in the mix, which complemented one another on various topics and themes.

The films shown were:

Red Flash

A documentary about the lives of foxes and how they interact with our world after dark, as well as the organisations who take care of their medical needs.

Beyond Your Wildest Dreams

Fantasy and filmmaking collide in this self-reflective look at the decadent disaster of celebrity and acting, told in a unique nostalgic fashion.

Curves on Curbs

A comedy where the pavement turns into the classroom, as the skills of an experienced streetwalker are passed down to a new up-and-comer.

Sparring All-Stars

The legendary All-Stars Boxing Gym is examined in detail, as are the fighters who have dedicated their lives to being the best warriors they can be.

They Want to Be Like You

Familial abuse is passed down from parents to children, as this intense micro-film shows. A short but impactful story.


The dangers of consumerism and giving away private information to apps are laid bare in this tense thriller, told with a signature glossy terror.

Two Wrongs

An homage to 90s thrillers, this dark and twisted tale does a great job of capturing the idea of the grey areas of morality.


A toxic relationship with food pervades this stylish and artistic film, which features images that stick with you for some time after.


A tight thriller about a battle of wits between a scammer and his victim. Who’s really in control here?

The Geezer

A documentary about Dave Courtney, the legendary hard-man who ran with the Kray Twins, but then dedicated his life to charity work and becoming an author.

It was a real pleasure to see all these films, and the refreshments to go with them didn’t hurt either! 

Be sure to submit your film next time there’s a screening, so that you’re in with a chance to see it on the big screen.