Interview with a first-year BA Practical Filmmaker

Jaden started studying with us in September 2021 and is currently finalising his second script, and preparing to undertake different filmmaking roles on a diverse range of short films this term.

What module did you enjoy most in term one?

We did a module called Visual Storytelling. We went to Tate Britain and had to choose a single painting and absorb the details in the painting to come up with a script. Learning how to get a deeper read of art, looking at what you are imposing on the piece as the viewer and how that impacts how you see the art was very interesting to me. We then made a short film based on an art piece using only visual storytelling, so no dialogue. Learning the intricacies of making a film and reflecting on what I can do differently next time has helped me prepare for term 2.

Tell us about your current module?

We are doing the Working with Actors module. It’s the knowledge of what to say and not to say to actors while also making sure that their talent can shine through your script. The assessment was in groups, and I was the director of the piece we delivered. Directing the actors, managing the team and getting the story across was a new experience for me and I learned a lot about myself and how to improve my skills as a director.

What are you currently working on?

I am working on a script for the Practical Filmmaking module. It is due on Monday! It is a dark comedy with horror elements in it. Sound is so important to the overall production, and I learnt in visual storytelling how to use sound in my films to create an atmosphere, advance the plot or raise tension. I am using that knowledge now to make my script a real visual experience even though I can use dialogue now as well.

What have you enjoyed most about studying at Central Film School?

There are lots of things, meeting other people who are as passionate about films and creating projects as I am. Being able to share my ideas and get good feedback and perceptions of them. And the staff here are easy to talk to and supportive