Finding Freelance Work in the Film & TV Industry

On Thursday 8th June, Central Film School hosted Max Albrecht, creative director and founder of Critical Mask Pictures, a video and film production company that works primarily in the science-fiction and horror markets. Max gave insight into his currently ten-year career operating as a freelancer for film and television, as well as the best skills and tricks people can pick up in order to kickstart their own careers in the field.

Max discussed the differences in operation between a freelancer, sole trader and limited company, as well as the pros and cons of each, so that students could decide for themselves which approach they’d wish to take. Furthermore, Max made sure to go into detail about the different levels of film production in the UK (No budget, Micro budget and Low budget), which are likely to be the first few films students will work on when leaving CFS before advancing in their careers.

Max also gave advice on how best to market yourself, using real-world examples and case studies so as to show how to have the best chance of attracting work within the industry. It’s important to know how to pitch and sell yourself, but just as important to know who the people looking for someone such as yourself would be.

Finally, Max spent time discussing the financial aspects of freelance work, specifically invoicing and how much you should charge for your services. It’s important to value your own time and commitment and know when to push for certain things, such as on-time payment and a certain rate to be met.

We are very grateful to Max for joining us and offering these valued insights, and hope to see more of him again at CFS in the future.