Central Film School Awarded Approved (Fee Cap) Status

“Over the past three years Central Film School has been undertaking a journey to become a more open and accessible institution. We want to facilitate individuals from all walks of life and backgrounds in developing their skills as filmmakers and writers, guided by our professional filmmaker tutors and benefiting from our industry-standard resources. In line with our mission, vision and values as set out in our 2020-22 Strategy, promoting and fostering equality diversity and inclusion is now a core part of what we do.

Until now, the maximum loan available left students in receipt of a student loan still needing to pay a top-up fee (around a third of the total), which prevented some people from joining our courses and reaching their full potential – this is now no longer the case.

It is with great pleasure that we announce our application to be added to the Approved (Fee Cap) category of the Office for Students register has been successful. This means that all eligible prospective students can apply to have their full course fees covered by a student loan, helping us break down barriers in film education and reach talented individuals who otherwise may not have entered Higher Education or had the opportunity to study with Central Film School London.

We look forward to welcoming you you to Central Film School so that you can Tell Your Story”

- Rory Curley, CEO, Central Film School

What might this mean for you?

At Central Film School, we are committed to providing practical education in fictional narrative and documentary filmmaking and aim to give independent voices the skills and knowledge needed to tell their stories. We are passionate about future filmmakers and screenwriters, from all backgrounds, having the opportunity to access our specialist Film School environment.

Students on our accelerated 2 year degrees are able to enter the profession earlier than their counterparts, secure in the knowledge that they have the skills and experience required.  By our calculations, this also means that our students may save up to £5,400 on tuition fees studying on our accelerated 2 year degrees which for UK/EU students is £10,800 per year, or £21,600 for the full degree, in comparison to studying a typical university 3 year degree for £9,000 per year, or £27,000 for the full degree*


  1. Eligible students can apply for a tuition fee loan of up to £10,800 per year, which fully covers the cost of the tuition fee.
  2. We are offering you a film school style learning experience – small class sizes, practical delivery, professionals delivering lessons, industry-standard equipment – at standard University fees. 
  3. Studying on an accelerated degree can save you £5,400 on tuition fees over the course of the programmes. It also saves you a year of living costs and allows you to enter your chosen industry earlier than your peers with an equivalent qualification.

The small print

*Higher Education tuition fees are regulated by OfS and may be subject to change due to inflation or changes in government policy.  The full degree tuition fees outlined are a guide, based on the current regulated tuition fees universities and higher education providers are allowed to charge.”