Independent Filmmaking

Fully funded and partially funded places available

Designed for those who have completed the Certificate in Independent Filmmaking or equivalent, this intensive course gives you the opportunity to make a short film from script to screen.

You will take on a lead role such as producer, director or cinematographer, and work closely with your key creative team to develop, plan, shoot and deliver your short film. You will have the chance to write and pitch an original idea to be greenlit for production and in addition to your lead role you will gain additional experience working as crew on other projects. Your learning continues in post production, providing valuable lessons about how earlier decisions affect the final result. A key aspect of this course is collaboration and you will be expected to participate fully in all group work from concept to completion, with the support and guidance of your industry professional tutors.

Programme Overview

If you wish to pitch a project, you will come to the course with a script completed at least to the first draft stage. You will receive tips on pitching, and then pitch it for selection.

Once greenlit, the projects move briskly through development and script editing. During this time lead roles are negotiated and production schedules finalised. There is a small budget and two days’ filming time allocated for each film. An intensive period of pre-production and technical refresher sessions follows, to allow you to prepare producing, directing, casting, design, sound, cinematography and post production details. These are presented for sign off by tutors before films are completed within a tight time frame, reflecting real world conditions.

The course follows an indicative schedule of 2 weeks development, 3 weeks pre-production, 2 weeks filming period for all films, and 2 weeks post production.

Programme Facts

24 weeks


3rd January 2023
5th June 2023





£2,025 with partial funding

£0 with full funding

Student Story


If I am going to be a Director or Producer, I need to know what all the roles are, not just from a technical level, but from experience of having done the roles and this what I have gotten from my course here. Its great because you not only get a taste, but you get thrown right in and you keep paddling in order to create a good film.

Carlton Tufnell,

Six Month Independent Filmmaking

Course Outline

Weeks 1 - 2


  • Projects at first draft stage or later go through a pitching and selection process. 

  • Key roles and crew are agreed. 

  • Production work begins on casting and locations, and production design begins, while the script is developed with tutor feedback.

Weeks 3 - 5


All heads of department work intensively to prepare their creative, technical and logistical input for the film, from budgets and schedules, storyboards, shotlists, equipment booking, lighting and production design, props costumes, hair and makeup, to sound design and ensuring the workflow to the final edit is tested. 

Weeks 6 - 7


Each film has two days shooting during which time you will fill at least one major role and rotate into other allocated crew roles. You are expected to contribute to all tasks including the logistics of moving between locations or refreshing equipment on days between shoots.

Weeks 8 - 9


Once filming is complete you will take part in at least one edit and take on other post production roles, working as a team to finish the whole slate of films. Editing and post production on this course follows a professional model where the director works with an editor, while the producer oversees the process.  You will work at Central Film School and your work in progress will be regularly reviewed by your tutors at every stage, ensuring you receive early and frequent creative and technical feedback. During this time you are also expected to ensure all documentation is complete in line with industry standards. On the final day all work is collated, your progress reviewed and the films are screened.

Entry Requirements

Completion of the Certificate in Independent Filmmaking allows students to enter directly into Module 3

The Advanced Certificate in Independent Filmmaking course is for students aged 18+. This intensive course requires passion and dedication. It is a chance to experience real filmmaking with industry leading tutors and facilities as you build a portfolio of work and skills to enter the industry or higher education.


Tuition Fee


£2,025 with partial funding

£0 with full funding

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Our Tutors

Dennis Morrison

I’m probably the last generation to be taught traditional editing skills. Splicing bits of film together with a blade and sticky tape seems archaic now, but this was the perfect grounding for my adventure in storytelling.
My post-production and editing work has spanned music and dance videos, TV and independent short films. For over 10 years I’ve been teaching editing on workshops and courses.
I became a spokesperson for independent filmmakers due to my progressive views on video distribution. This led to being invited to international film festivals, including Cannes, and speaking about audience building and monetisation at various events.

Dennis Morrison,